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Oceans Red is a 4-piece metal band including members from Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden. Having taken part in multiple music projects worldwide we came together with a desire for experiments, which brought “Hold Your Breath” EP as a result back in 2013. New year brings new challenges and the long awaited full length will become a real surprise. The band is currently working in studio for the new record to be done by fall 2014. While the new single “Misguided” is already out. Their new single "Black Spot" hits internet on November 25th with heavier and more intense sound. Line Up: Joel Holmqvist - vocals Jimmy Rose - guitar Anton Rogov - guitar Sergei Hohlov - bass Contact & Booking: oceansredband@gmail.com official links: http://facebook.com/OceansRedOfficial http://twitter.com/OceansRedBand http://instagram.com/oceansred http://oceansred.tumblr.com

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