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Oceanus are a two-man post-metal/shoegaze band formed in Hampshire, United Kingdom in 2008. Oceanus in its first entity was born in the Spring of 2008 in Winchester by Alex Fawcett (Arboretus), Rob Honey (Inachus), Paul Bushnell and Andrew ‘Roo’ Helps. A demo EP was released and a year later they were joined by Michaël Ball (Gid), completing the line-up. Taking inspiration from the sea - Oceanus seeks to invoke this atmosphere by creating a textured sound conjuring up a sense of vastness in their music. Oceanus performed extensively over the United Kingdom, partially relocating to Bristol. Despite things progressing well, in July 2011 it was decided that it was time for a break and the band dispersed into an undetermined hiatus for several months. Fast forward to Spring 2012 - founding members Rob and Alex decided to re-form the band as a duo and began writing brand new material with a different and improved sound. The debut album "Sirens" was released through Hawk Moon Records on 30th September 2013. The duo is currently based both in Eastleigh and Cardiff. Official Soundcloud page.

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