Ocho top 20 songs


Ocho biography

1. Led by Chico Mendoza, Ocho were a seminal group in the NuYorica scene of the early 70s, producing a heavy mix of funk, jazz, salsa, and soul, featuring flute, tenor, electric piano, and vibes in a truly innovative range of grooves still influential to this day. 2. OCHO are one of Ireland’s best-kept Electronic secrets. Working hard perfecting their sound for over 2 years, they are finally ready to release their ambitious and infectious debut album YOUNG HUNTING. Combining atmospheric layered trans-cultural electronic music with lush dynamics akin to the likes of Imogen Heap and Mazzy Star. http://ochomusic.ie/ 3. Ocho ("8", "8 Next Generation") was also a hard trance/makina project of spanish producers Alberto Tapia and Pedro Miras between 1997-1998. "The Sound Ceased" and "Like A Cycle" are best known tracks.

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