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Ocoeur biography

Ocoeur aka Franck Zaragoza, starts his carrier with the Hardtechno/Hardcore themes, and in the rave parties, when he was 16 years old, known as Kinghost. He was though participating the Nocore 01 produced by Audiogenic. He will later take out a new song under the name of Martok for the Mackitek 14 where you can better feel the psychedelic musical style. He goes more often in the artistic places and finds himself some new passions as poems or movie-making. Touched by the dreams atmospheres and the melodramatic sounds. Ocoeur chooses to improve the experimental and sentimental music. Also known for his hypnotizing rhythms and for his (outsider) and really melodic atmospheres, Ocoeur’s music shows a sleep. His world is crossroads between dreams, experimental – which sometimes goes deeper, but never sad. Like a dream you can’t control, which is attractive or frightening, sometimes a mix of both, kind and sometimes suspended. Kind of Over reality. After a few years, he helps himself, listening to Hecq, Boards of Canada, Autechre, Saycet, Badalamenti, Robert Rich, Bibio, etc. He improved himself by doing many lives in Bordeaux and in Niort, where he met Antoine Caillard (manager of Junk’impulse records). By meeting him, he got the chance to do Totally Smoked Orchestra label in 2009. He has yet his “now on” scene’s name Ocoeur. His first production was: “Les hommes ne savent pas voler.” The humans (men) don’t know how to fly. Links: myspace Senyphine's cover artwork Música Vermella netlabel

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