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Octet biography

The French electronic pop duo Octet is comprised of François Goujon and Benjamin Morando. Goujon, a Rennes native and former drummer with a band called Lighthouse, and Morando, a Parisian and a member of the D*I*R*T*Y sound system, originally conceived Octet as a strictly electronic outfit, but soon found that they preferred to integrate glitchy, playful electronica with more traditional forms of instrumental and vocal pop and soul, as well as elements of classical music. Octet's first EP, The Buxtehude Years 1999-2001, reflected this dichotomy: sporting vocal tracks featuring Suzanne Thoma (who has also collaborated with M83) as well as remixes by Readymade FC, it paved the way for the duo's first full-length album, Cash and Carry Songs, which featured Thoma and other vocalists as well as a unique mix of soul, electronica, classical, and pop influences. The album was released in France and Germany in early 2004 and was distributed in the U.S. that summer. ~Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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