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Oda, Kaori 織田かおり. Born May 11, 1988 Kaori Oda is a member of Sound Horizon, CHIX CHICKS (the former group BJ Girls), and collaborated with Yuki in the FictionJunction KAORI project and is now part of united group FictionJunction She sang two insert songs Tsubasa and Dream Scape composed by Yuki for the anime Tsubasa Chronicle. She has also sang the kajiurago songs “until you find a light – op theme #5 “, “a fruitless love” in Rekishi Hiwa Historia OST II. The single Calling she released, is the ending theme of the anime Baccano! composed by Yuki as well but released under her own name. We can also hear her voice in the opening of Luminus Arc nintendo DS game, Wild Arms XF PSP game, and also in Ouzoku-Band’s Cross Peace album and in Haruka Shimotsuki’s Lip Aura album.

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