Odaxelagnia top 20 songs


Odaxelagnia biography

odaxelagnia is an electronic music project started in 2009. Used to focus mostly on producing heavily breakcore-influenced music (and sample-based, known as mashcore), but sometimes experiments with other styles, most notably chiptune, and reportedly slowly shifting away from *core music. They released albums and splits through various netlabels (such as DANCE CORPS), as well as a physical (CD) album on KyokudoCore Records. They also submitted tracks for compilation albums (for example J-CORE MASTERZ on MOB SQUAD BLACK LABEL). odaxelagnia disbanded in 2012, and came back later in 2015 with undisclosed but changed lineup. Members of odaxelagnia have also been involved in datamnesia, Evil Maid, LOLI NURSE and others.

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