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Odio Su Tela was born at the end of 2005 with the purpose of giving to the Italian crossover scene a band which they can define with, thanks to the lyrics in Italian (not too much often taken the best of it from others bands) and the songs with strong, immediate impact where music, power, aggression are melted in a very successful mix. To testimony this, beyond 27000 contact adds in few months on myspace.com/odiosutela, where fans and interested can listen to 4 tracks on the EP “Odio Su Tela” (out last November) and find the link to the official site (300 visits and 2000 pages seen in average per month) where it’s possible to download the entire EP free of charge. The influences are multiple and go from System Of A Down to Subsonica, passing to Slipknot, Machine Head and electronic music. The EP was written, arranged, recorded and mixed entirely by the band at their private studio. The press and free distribution is also carried out directly by the band during live shows and through the official site. “Odio Su Tela” is the first official release of this band, but the last (not least) of a long series of demo recordings in ten years of activity as musicians. MEANING OF OUR MONIKER Odio Su Tela derive from a Pictorial Technique named (in Italian) Olio Su Tela (Oil On Canvas). We really liked the idea to use a common phrase of our language, modified to give a slightly different meaning. Odio Su Tela and Olio Su Tela differ to each other only by one letter, so this definitely fits our ideas!

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