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Ulises Pascual a.k.a (ODISEO) is one of the exponents of progressive trance well know in Mexico. Since the beginning of the scene of psy trance in Mexico city, forming part of diverse projects as (XIBALBA) and (SKI FI). He has played in several great festivals and Clubs in: Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, and Israel. With 8 years producing and 10 years as a dj we can find a series of releases in diverse labels like: Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Sinn Tech, AP, Iboga, Solar Siv Records, Blue Tunes, Liquid Crystal, Aximy, Tatsu, Spin Twist, Iboga Mexico, Universal Records, Spliff, Plusquam, Groove Control just to mention a few. He has compiled 2 V/A with label Iboga mexico the second and thirth released "SUPERSTITIONS" and "SWITCH". After many years as producer and dj collaborating with diferent proyects and playing in differents festivals and clubs around the globe, now Odiseo decided to make is debut album call " 10 YEARS AFTER " ((OUT NOW)) 2008 with Blue Tunes Records. He's starting with a new path as a producer, searching for new sounds and tendencies with his new proyect (2UP), a combination of diferents styles like Electro, Progressive trance, latin house, minimal tek and clubby sound. His alternative project along with (SIZU) and (PSIKINI) "TEPETOKIO" is a combination between instrumental and electronic music, co-producing and remixing the original tracks of this band.The audio and video album is out now on Universal Records.

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