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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Odium (Norway) is a black metal band from Drammen. The members are Sechtdaemon (vocals) and Demariel (guitars). Former band members are Eek (drums), Bastadon (guitars) and Charon Martyras (bass). So far they've released a demo and one full-length album, "The Sad Realm of the Stars". The word 'odium' means 'hatred' in Latin. 2) Odium (Melodic Metal band from Ontario, Canada). Founded in 2006 by drummer Joe Mullen and vocalist Tom Emmans, Odium was born in order to create a focused project centered on the themes of growth and attrition. With the release of their Glass Barricade EP in 2007 Odium began opening for established acts such as Fuck the Facts and Arise and Ruin and gave the band a taste for playing. In 2009 band published their first full length album titled "At The Bottom" (Year of The Sun Records). http://www.myspace.com/odiummusic 3) Odium (South Africa baby!) We are a metal band from the ass end of the world... South Africa... And before you ask, we don't sound all tribal and shit! We are inspired by all the great metal bands that came before us and our reason for being is to bring our political and social manifesto to the masses while trying to possess you all with the spirit of Rock n' Roll! http://www.reverbnation.com/odiumband 4) Odium (Sweden) A swedish WP band 5) Odium (Ireland) formed in mid-2005 as a collection of accomplished musicians from various bands who had been performing around Kildare and Dublin previously. It began as a collaboration between friends with a mutual interest in creating hard-hitting, melodic modern metal, and the band immediately started performing at local venues. Later months saw the band continuing to play live with a rapidly growing and continuously developing original set. 2006 has already seen the recording of their debut EP, 'Speed of the Shot', charting the band's progress to date and will see a continuation of the band's success through their relentless determination. Odium is: Conor Lenehan: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Jonny Clarke: Lead Guitar Cian Lenehan: Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar Dwayne Carty: Drums Odium have renamed themselves Legacy Traits. 6) Odium (Germany) is a 1993 formed heavy metal band. So far they've released a demo cd ("Grim Reaper") and four albums, the last one being "Written in Flesh" (2003). In 2006 they released a new EP called "Just a Crisis" with the following current line-up: Rochus Pfaff (guitar) Martin Kunz (drums) David Hübsch (guitar) Christoph Reiber (bass) Reinhard Runkel (vocals) 7) Odium (Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a 1999 formed rap band. There are currently only two members: Leech and Bosque. 8) Odium (USA) was a thrash metal band with death metal influences from California. 9) Odium (POL) is an epic/heavy/death/thrash metal band formed in 1995. The band has released 'Dreamweaver' ('96 demo), 'Miserycordia' ('98 demo) and 'Phantasmagoria' ('00 LP). 10) Odium (UK) is the black metal solo project of Phil Knight, former member of black/noise band Emit, and member of British black metal bands October, Woods of Desolation and La Bête. Odium has released four demos and one split from 1998 to present. 11) Odium (RUS) is a death metal band from Russia. 12) Odium (SK) is a grunge band influenced by ethanol, punk rock and last but not least noise. http://www.myspace.com/theodium

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