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Offthesky biography

OFFTHESKY is the more current, evolved moniker that equals works created by Jason Corder, also known as Off the Sky, and formerly known Zen Sauvage. Jason began devising sonic schemes in the womb by performing on the uterus wall to cope with the intense darkness. he finally forged an escape plan in 1977 and upgraded his musical medium to a sterling kitchen floor kit. Many years later during the dark ages of the 386/amiga, Jason retired the cutlery to began forging into the vast void of 8bit tracking. Later he began his travels to countless electronic music events which catalysted him into a fertile pit of sonic clay. Using adverse software such as buzz, Jason began an evolution. Acoustics, space resonation, and concept became common place. Instruments such as guitar, piano, sine waves, field-recordings and weather pattern data are mainstays for offthesky. Today Jason resides in the placidly humble bluegrass hills of Kentucky and composes experimental electronic music in collaboration with other working musicians.

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