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大野智 (Ohno Satoshi, born November 26 1980, Tokyo) is a Japanese idol, singer and actor. He is a member of the j-pop group 嵐 (Arashi) alongside 相葉雅紀 (Aiba Masaki), 松本潤 (Matsumoto Jun), 二宮和也 (Ninomiya Kazunari) and 櫻井翔 (Sakurai Sho) under Johnny's Entertainment. Ohno is the leader of Arashi and also the group's lead vocalist. He released a single in March 2009 under the name of 矢野健太 starring Satoshi Ohno for the theme song of his drama, Uta no Oniisan. Ohno, the oldest member of Arashi, is the reluctant "leader" of the group, elected after winning against Sakurai Sho in a round of rock-paper-scissors on a Japanese variety show. The exact same pattern of him unwillingly "winning" against Sakurai has been seen repeating many times ever since. Aside from vocal work, he is known to be the best dancer and has the greatest control when it comes to singing in Arashi, and is known to be one of the best in singing and dancing in Johnny's Entertainment. He choreographs several of Arashi's dances for their concerts, which the other members sometimes finding it hard to follow. Other artists from the same agency openly expressed their admiration for Ohno's dancing; among them are 今井翼 (Imai Tsubasa), TOKIO's 国分太一 (Kokuben Taichi), Chinen Yuri of Hey! Say! JUMP and other juniors. He is also one half of the Arashi skit duo 大宮SK (Ohmiya SK), partnering with Ninomiya Kazunari. Out of all the members, he has appeared in the fewest dramas, preferring to do stage plays or focus on his art. He performed his first solo concert on January 2006. He became the first artist in Johnny's Entertainment who held an art exhibit, which was entitled "Freestyle".

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