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Olaf Hund created his label, ‘Musiques Hybrides’ in 1994 and revealed himself to the public with his performance at the Aquaplanning festival in 1999. With his project of musical series, he left behind him all clichés of styles and categories. One must evoke moods, atmosphere, emotions and colours, in order to understand how he divides his tracks into these series. In 2001, he gathered the ‘Kitch Kitch’ series into his first album ‘Kitch Kitch’: Musiques Hybrides. ‘Olaf Hund’s latest effort has got everything: hints of Blondie, strutting hip-hop, splashes of Kraftwerk, Quickstep, Cajun hoedowns, space-age Moogisms and manic tubular bells’. Olaf also composed the soundtrack of ‘Cyrk 13’, a show by Philippe Découflé that toured Europe for 2 years. He multiplied his collaborations and remixes with Léonard de Léonard, Louise Vertigo, Rubin Steiner, Scratch Massive, DJ Seep, Omar from Oslo, Plaid, Schneider TM, Gonzales, Tarwater, and Taraf de Haidouk. In 2003, he founded ‘FreeComplex’, a disciplinary collective of various artists and in Autumn 2004, released his last album, ‘Valseuses’. The album revisits the popular and romantic dances from the beginning of the 20th century highlighting the talent of Olaf as a composer: Gymnopédie, Menuet, Valse, Boléro… and celebrating a new dimension in electronics. Dancing is the lovers language and this album is inspired by love and all the feelings it can inspire: joy, sadness, anger, hope… these emotions are blended, transporting us along these eleven tracks. Since 2004, Olaf has toured in France, Germany, Belgium and the UK with an electro-acoustic-circus show.

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