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Oldfish biography

Oldfish is the name of a one-man band, at whose helm is Soda, the man behind the vocals, keyboards, producing, lyrics, mixing, and pretty much everything else. Currently signed with indie label Pastel Music, Oldfish got his start on the Seoul music scene by performing live regularly. He gained notice starting in 2003 from his live club shows in the Hongdae neighborhood, and released four mini-albums before his first full-length was released. The music spans several different genres, self-described as similar to Shibuya-kei and electronic lounge music, but also incorporating elements of modern rock and folk. Call it indietronica, folktronica, folk rock — what it amounts to is warm, soothing melodies mixed with a hint of fancy. March 2003: The Oldfish mini-album August 2003: 귀를 기울이는건 달님입니다 [The Moon Listens Intently] mini-album February 2004: Fairy Tale mini-album December 2004: 1-3 mini-album September 2005: room.ing, first full-length album, 2-CD January 2007: Acoustic Movement, second full album 2008: 3 years And The Third (3년 그리고 세번째), third full album Website: www.oldfish.net Fan café: http://cafe.daum.net/oldfish

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