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There are many artists called Olive. A trip-hop group from the United Kingdom and a doom metal band from the Syria. There is also a french rock singer, born 1955 & died 2006. 1. Olive Sheffield, England : Two of its members, producers Tim Kellett and Robin Taylor-Firth, had departed from their respective groups, Simply Red and Nightmares on Wax, prior to forming Olive with vocalist Ruth Ann Boyle, who Kellett had met while recording her vocals for live manipulation at a concert by The Durutti Column. The group released their first single, "You're Not Alone" in 1996. Although the song took a year for audiences in England to catch on to, it eventually made number one in 1997. Popularity in America and Australia was muted, with the track coming short of an American Top 40 position and being restricted to a small musical niche with Australians. "Outlaw" followed not long after, with similar responses, as well as their first album, Extra Virgin in 1996. In 2000, their presciently-named second album Trickle was released. Taylor-Firth had left the group, bringing it down to a duo. While Trickle still displayed the distinctive Olive sound, the tunes were more dance-oriented. The best-known song on this album was a cover of the 10cc song "I'm Not in Love," which was featured on the movie The Next Best Thing. Since then, like many trip-hop bands, little has been heard of them. The band have stopped working together for the moment. Tim is focusing on songwriting for other artists so that he can spend more time with his family. Ruth Ann completed work on her first solo album "What About Us?" at the end of 2004. 2. Olive (Syria): An atmospheric doom metal band from Syria, currently disbanded. Olive has two demos and one full-length album, The Awaking. 3. Olive, the French singer, started the rock band Lili Drop in the late 1970's. He then went solo and made a couple of minor hits. Suffering AIDS and becoming poor, he died in 2006, shortly after reuniting Lili Drop. 4. Olive was also a Chinese singer in the 70's. 5. Olive, Olivia Latuputty, the Indonesian young Jazz Female vocalist with nearly Ayako Hosokawa's breath inside.

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