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Oliver Shanti (Born Ulrich Schulz 16 November 1948 in Hamburg), later known as Oliver Serano-Alve, is a New Age musician. His group “Oliver Shanti & Friends” has recorded several CDs, including “Circles Of Life” - The Best Of Oliver Shanti (1997), “Tai Chi”, “Seven Times Seven, “Alhambra”, “Listening To The Heart”, “Medicine Power”, and “Rainbow Way”. Two tracks by Oliver Shanti & Friends were featured in the Buddha Bar compilations: “Onon Mweng (Rainbird)” in the Buddha Bar II compilation produced by Claude Challe and “Sacral Nirvana” in the Buddha Bar III compilation. As of 2009, Shanti is serving a 7-year prison term in Germany having been convicted on 76 charges of child sexual abuse. The remainder of “Oliver Shanti & Friends” now perform and record as “Existence” , with “Inkarnation” co-founder Margot Vogl replacing Shanti

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