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Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti (born 1982) is French/Finnish singer and composer living in France. Her father is French and mother Finnish. In 2007 she and Dan Levy formed band The Dø. Discography * 2008: A Mouthful She had also some songs in the soundtrack of the movie : "L’empire des Loups" (2005) Olivia has an unbelievable voice, and she can use it very well in different genres. at the stage they get on very well with Dan. They are just new in the music market, but they can be one of the top Indie bands soon. In Their interview they say that Olivia and Dan wasn't expecting this much. But they are the latest present to the world of Indie. They met each other while making the soundtrack for "L’empire des Loups". Olivia has a very unique style on the stage. she has a very different make-up. Olivia and Dan's best is yet to come.

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