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Olivia Olson (born May 21, 1992) is an American singer and actress. She is known for her role of Joanna, singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You", in the 2003 motion picture Love Actually. She is presently a cast member of Disney's animated series Phineas and Ferb and supplies the voice of Vanessa. She also sings many of the songs in this Disney series, including the duet "Busted!" with Ashley Tisdale. Still in her early teens, she has written songs for Phineas and Ferb, is presently writing and recording her songs with renowned music producers Rick Nowels, Camara Kambon and Hollywood jazz great Rob Mullins, and, for recreation, performs many of her original songs in YouTube videos, where she also covers songs. According to director Richard Curtis' commentary in the music section of the Love Actually DVD, Olson's singing was so perfect, they were afraid the audience would not believe that a ten-year-old could really sing the way she did. They had to train her so that her singing would sound more believable. She's confirmed to voice the character, Marceline, in the cartoon Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

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