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Three bands have shared this name. Olympians are a music band that started in a basement in Norwich around two years ago with a guitar, bass, some drums, and a song about the board-game Risk. Now equipped with another guitar, two keyboards, a glockenspiel, a trumpet and four bellowing voices, Olympians just keep on growing. Their sound has moved from twiddly guitar-pop to brass-infused synth-drenched megatunes, exploring everything from drones to barbershop harmonies along the way. Olympians are a five piece band from Indianapolis, IN who write indie music in the vein of Jimmy Eat World and Death Cab For Cutie. With Ryan on Vocals, Guitar, Max on Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Ryan on Drums & Percussives, Daniel on Trumpet, Keys, Vocals & Patrick on Bass Guitar, Guitar, Olympians are currently writing new music to follow up on their EP You Are My Inspiration Read more: http://www.myspace.com/weareolympians Olympians were also a late 1960s - early 1970s Greek pop music group. They were founded by Pashalis Arvanitidis (vocals, bass), Vagelis "Sporos" Koutsotolis (sax), Koulis Kaloyannidis (guitar), Dimitris "Jack" Lazaridis (drums) - members of the group "Brahms" and Alkis Kakaliagos (piano and hammond organ) member of "Vips". Their first big hit was the song "O Tropos" (meaning The Way, Greek: Ο Τρόπος). The combination of greek lyrics with the modern european dance music (shake) and rock 'n' roll brought them great success.

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