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Ome Henk (Henk Stubbe) is a Dutch main character in a series of comics, CDs and DVDs. Ome Henk was created by Frank van der Plas in the early nineties. Ome Henk and the other characters live in the fictional town "Biggeveen". Ome Henk is very anti-social: he likes to fight with and scream at the other inhabitants of Biggeveen. The songs are mostly parodies of other songs: Mambo Nummer 6 (original by Lou Bega "Mambo No. 5"), Op de Camping (original by Village People "In The Navy") en Neem een ander in de Maling (original by Aqua "Barbie Girl") are some famous songs of his. His music is mostly heard in cafes and parties. Other characters are: Jantje, Pietje, Arie de Beuker, Koos Korswagen, Fred Spekvet, Floris Jan van Fleppesteijn and Tjabbe Tjibsma. Official site:

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