Omega Y Su Mambo Violento

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Omega Y Su Mambo Violento biography

Omega y su Mambo Violento is a Modern Merengue Group, often categorized as "mambo", based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. For quiet some time the group has been enjoying success in the Dominican Republic and in Dominican Communities located in the United States and Spain. Omega is the singer while the rest of the group sings the chorus, or back up. Some popular songs by the group are "Alante Alante" which gave then mainstream success in their native country and Latin radio stations in the US, "Paleta" followed by other hits like "Si No Me Amas","Ya yo Mangue To", and "El Gorrito". Omega Y Su Mambo Violento has been part of the wave of Dominican artist that sing Mambo, popularly categorized as urban street Merengue, together with other singers like Julian Y Oro Duro, Sr.Jucafry, and many others.

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