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From uptown to downtown, Hollywood to the hood, O'Neal McKnight brings the party to the people. His music transcends age, race, genre, and time. Check Your Coat, O'Neal's debut single, is a throwback to the feel-good energy of the past and a window into the sound of the future. With the help of production team, Cass & Dubs (DJ Cassidy and Dub-L), O'Neal has created a true sound of his own. Having grown up listening to a breadth of music including R&B, New Wave, and Hip Hop, O'Neal's tracks defy category both lyrically and musically. These unique influences shine through in Check Your Coat and O'Neal's upcoming debut album, Prom: 2088. "The prom is a party," O'Neal explains. "It's a time to dance, reminisce, and look ahead. The prom is a celebration of where you've been and where you're going and that's exactly what my music represents - the journey and magic of past, present, and future." O'Neal's journey began in Lynchburg, South Carolina where he spent his youth wowing friends and family with jaw-dropping dance moves and eye-popping outfits. Always the center of attention, the young performer attracted crowds wherever he went, earning a well-known reputation around town. There wasn’t a single school or neighborhood talent contest that O'Neal didn’t win. Knowing that he was destined to touch people through song and dance, O'Neal, who grew up in a mobile home, dreamed of bigger and better things. Eventually, he saved enough money for a bus ride, leaving Lynchburg for New York City. A young man lost in the city that never sleeps, O'Neal had no idea that his flair for fashion would eventually lead him to become one of the most sought after celebrity stylists. After working various odd jobs in the entertainment world, O'Neal had a chance encounter styling a photo shoot. He soon ascended to the top of the industry, styling ad campaigns, music videos, films, and personal wardrobes for an elite roster of clients including Diddy, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Russell Simmons, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, and Robin Thicke. Through styling the hottest names in the industry, O’Neal met DJ Cassidy and soon thereafter, Dub-L, in 2005. By that time, superstar spinner, DJ Cassidy, had already spun his way to the top as the premiere DJ in the entertainment and nightlife world, DJing every A-List celebrity event and nightclub around the globe. From New York to Los Angeles, London to Tokyo, St. Barths to St. Tropez, Cassidy’s eclectic client roster reads like a who’s who of the entertainment world including some of the biggest names in music, fashion, film, television, and nightlife. Cassidy has DJed every party thrown by Diddy, Jay-Z, and Jennifer Lopez since he was eighteen years old and has traveled to Las Vegas with Kanye West, Dubai with Naomi Campbell, and even Africa with Oprah Winfrey just to name a few. Dub-L emerged from the indie music scene as one of the most promising triple threats around, producing, rapping, and DJing, while spawning the careers of many underground legends like Aesop Rock & The Controls. After a number of critically acclaimed solo album releases, Dub-L soon became well-known for his party-hard, rock-star, downtown energy, his eclectic DJ sets, and most significantly, his outrageous rap style and live instrumentation, both featured on Prom: 2008. Together, O’Neal, Cassidy, and Dubs crafted a futuristic sound of vintage energy and spirit, all-inclusive, ego-free, feel-good music. O'Neal's music has gained significant exposure in film, television, fashion, and print media. In early 2007, HBO featured O'Neal's song, She Said, in its hit film, Life Support, produced by Jamie Foxx and starring Queen Latifah. Later that year, Conde Nast used O'Neal's entire catalogue of songs as the soundtrack to its primetime CBS Fashion Rocks special. His single, Check Your Coat, was the theme song for the show. In January of 2008, Miss America Live! followed suit, licensing Check Your Coat for its theme as well as many of O'Neal's other songs for the annual pageant. Publications including Rolling Stone, King, New York Post, In Touch, OK! Magazine, LTD, and Hamptons Style have all covered O'Neal and his music. The music video for Check Your Coat, directed by Lil X, features a “remake” of the classic film, Back To The Future, complete with cameos from Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown and the Delorean time machine. The video is currently taking over the airwaves on MTV, BET, and VH1. Whatever the medium, O'Neal's spirit of timeless energy shines through everything he creates. "To me, life is not about the destination; it's about the journey. When you stop dreaming, you stop living. That's what I want my music to bring out in people - the beauty of the journey and the magic of the dream." So, Check Your Coat…the party's just begun. http://www.myspace.com/onealmcknight

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