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Oona biography

OONA is a collaboration between songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer Dave Tweedie, and singer, lyricist and songwriter Oona Garthwaite. They describe their band as "a bombastic swaggering band of foul-mouthed & affectionate sexy people. In the world of pop music, where lip-syncing and ghostwriting are all but ubiquitous, OONA is the authentic article: great musicianship, a truly unique voice and a raw, vibrant stage presence, delivering well-crafted songs and smart lyrics with passion and intent every time. Don’t sleep on it." Their song, "Tore My Heart", broke through to the iTunes top 100 twice in December 2009, following it's featured slot on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, choreographed to by Sonya Tayeh, and danced by Ellnore Scott and Jakob Karr in Season 6.

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