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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is a neofolk and martial industrial group from Stockholm, Sweden. Initially under the name Ordo Equilibrio, the project rose in May 1993 from the ashes of Archon Satani, as founding member Tomas Pettersson perceived the desire to canalize his remaining creativity through the aesthetic portrayal of the undivided spiritual and intellectual kinship between Light and Dark, Life and Death, Male and Female, Love and Hate, Beauty and Depravity, War and Peace. Thus the genesis of Equilibrium and the advancement beyond into the perfection of Roses. The name of the project was changed to Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio in 1998. An aesthetic constellation situated somewhere on the illusive boundary between the impending apocalypse and the orgies of ancient Rome; and accompanied by the sound of acoustic guitars, cyclic soundscapes, strings and percussion; come songs on the threshold of the sensually seductive and morally reprehensible; gospels on the verge of the conjecturally acclaimed and what's soon to be condemned. The music is contemporarily referred to as apocalyptic pop, but its continuing variation over the past thirteen years extends further and perfectly congregates a variation of nuances into the distinguishing essence of that which is Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Members: Tomas Pettersson - vocals, multi-instrumentalist Rosemary Larsen - vocals Ronnie Bäck - guitar, vocals Fredrik Leijström - bass Axel Menzer - percussion

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