Oss top 20 songs


Oss biography

1) Bio from Killed By Death: "Oss came from Asa about 45 minutes south of Gothenburg and managed to get themselves banned from the local youth recreation centers after a show that included some pyrotechnics and TV smashing. Lucky for us the boys wrote the great song Falska Rykten about it. You might say that the song is Sweden’s answer to Banned in D.C. even if the bands are miles apart when it comes to musicality. While Bad Brains managed to make difficult songs sound easy Oss sounds like they struggled very hard to keep the songs together. On the other hand it seems like the guy who handled the scissors didn’t struggle too much when it was time to cut the inserts. Well, looking at my scanning of it now it seems like I didn’t try as hard as I actually did to place it straight…" 2) Thrash band named after a city in the Netherlands.

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