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Multiple artists are named Otis. 1) One of them is a rock band from Roosendaal, the Netherlands. Otis consists of 5 guys who have been in bands like Stockholm Syndrome and Against Time together for years. The band was founded at the end of 2005 and played its first show in 2006. So far they did shows all over Holland, Belgium, France and Spain together with bands such as Coalesce, Nomeansno, Torche, NRA, Rise And Fall, Jello Biafra, Coliseum, Restless Youth, Born From Pain and Baroness. In 2006 they released a split 10” with Daily Fire and in 2007 their debut album Good Cop Bad Mood saw the light of day. This record was well received by the press, comparing Otis to Helmet, Snapcase, At The Drive-In, Refused, Fugazi, Hot Water Music, The Melvins and Black Flag. In June 2009 a limited split tape with The Unborn was released, followed by their second album Storm Is Coming a month later. This album is the first installment in a trilogy of albums based on poems by Arthur Rimbaud. The leitmotiv in this part is his poem Le Bateau Ivre from 1871. Again, the press was very positive: next to the comparisons drawn when Good Cop Bad Mood came out, this time they also spoke of Unsane, Botch, Drive Like Jehu, Minutemen, Dag Nasty en Breach. The 11 minute closing piece reminisced of acts like Zu, The Ex, John Zorn and Sonic Youth. Official website: www.hail-otis.com Label website: www.blackdeathrecords.com 2) Canadian Doom/Stoner Band Sons of Otis renamed from Otis after their first release "Paid to Suffer" in 1994. 3) Another band called Otis were from Boston, and were very short lived. Not much information can be found about them but they released two albums in the 90s. The first was self titled and the second was called Electric Landlady. They were considered hardcore and were well known in the Boston hardcore scene. They disbanded for reasons unknown. 4) Another band called OTIS were from Austin, and were around from October 2001 to March 2004. Underground EP releases of country/rock/blues/folk, frequent touring in the central Texas region, evolved into Youngmond Grand, Til We're Blue Or Destroy, Radar Radar, X=X, The Space Elevators.

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