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George Clinton is the father of P-Funk, and a founding member of The Parliaments and Funkadelic who evolved into Parliament-Funkadelic in the 1970s. By the early 1980s, the two bands & offshoots morphed into a touring ensemble called The P-Funk All Stars. While George Clinton is usually the sole remaining member from the original 1960s and '70s posse, he still occasionally performs with special guests from the earlier days including Michael Hampton (guitar), Bootsy Collins (bass) and Bernie Worrell (keyboards). Clinton, whose personal & professional life have had many ups & downs, has surrounded himself with a rotating cast of P-Funk players over the past two decades. Literally dozens of touring members of this metamorphosing gypsy like entourage have passed through the ranks over the years including talented bright spots like drummer Dennis Chambers, guitarist Eric McFadden, and female vocalists like Belita Woods, and Kendra Foster.

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