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Padhyangan PROJECT is a group of students from two major campuses in Bandung (Padjadjaran University and Parahyangan University). They've existed for a long time in Bandung, the specification they are parodying songs or perform on stage with a parody of a cabaret-style jokes. Could fill the event remains on Radio OZ Bandung, until then they had a chance to release this album. Padhyangan Project had plenty of personnel, but for this album project, which fill the personnel: IYANG DHARMAWAN, DENNY CHANDRA, DENDEN HERMAN, ISZUR MUCHTAR, DAAN ARYA, WAWAN HANURA and JOEHANA. The album also contains songs that parodied from famous. The result was a huge success. NASIB ANAK KOST song is a parody version of the song THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES JANET JACKSON has become big hits. And indeed, since all the songs are familiar, plus the hilarious lyrics, make this album also sold well in the market. Later then, members of this project Padhyangan escape Padhyangan Project and estabilish P PROJECT, while the second line in Padhyangan Project, PROJECT POP form, while other personnel and Padhyangan 6 which also released a similar album.

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