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The 33 years old San Sebastian based Pablo Akaros is one of the flourishing producer of Spanish made techno and has hit the road in order to discover the minimal rocking groove in the exciting fields between four-to-the-floor beats and ‘electronic-paella’, by focusing unbiassedly to the sprightliness of the lower frequencies. He is another fresh, new member of Colognes Karmarouge Records family since January 2006 and approves the more rougher and functional gangue with his Live and DJ sets. Since he became a teenager Pablo Akaros is deeply involved into music. Thirteen year old he started banging the guitar in several hardcore rockbands. In 1994 he discovered his passion for electronic music and started into DJing as a resident in various local clubs in Northern Spain. Since 2000 he is producing his own tracks and in 2002 he started performing live followed by several gigs in spanish clubs like Pagoa, The Loft and more. In the past he had several releases on labels like Due to his long lasting musical experiences Pablo Akaros has indicated his own remarkable style. In his sets and productions he perfectly wraps the bass line into a sophisticated organic and hypnotic sound architecture of lovingly selected rough elements combined with deep pumping beats. With his extremely leave floating groove Pablo Akaros is bringing the voodoo back to the dance floor. So its not a surprise that lots of people think that Pablo Akaros is actually becoming one of the most juicy producers of electronic music from Spain - olé olé.. Pablo Akaros has already appeared on Karmarouge Noir, Upfront, Loki 7 Records and Germans netlabel Intoxic.

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