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Pablo Fierro is a musician/producer/artist born and raised in the Canary Islands,Spain.He have a tropical electromagnetic powerful relaxing style. As a team we enjoy creating sets of music from multiple sounds and styles. Currently we are experimenting with Deep House, Tech House, Afro Deep, Hip Hop and Latin Jazz and more to come... Pablo's productions are included on countless compilations. Fierro’s music has also landed on numerous TV,Cinema,Radio Shows. A musician at heart, Pablo's professional career started at age 16 as songwriter, for there to producing and singing for plenty of bands. Pablo Fierro has focused his creative energy into experimenting with the production of electronic music. As a producer, realizes a strong connection between his electronic music productions with his live musical background. He writes his own lyrics and plays his own instruments, be it guitar, bass, percussion and keyboard.The result is funky, deep, soulful, bumping house music. Says Pablo "I enjoy too much making all kind of music, my soul is free like this"

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