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Pablo Gargano founded UK record label Eve Records with Stefano Lo Presti in 1995. This label quickly became a well-known, well-respected and well-recognized underground trance label. The label was conceived as a means of distributing various works by Pablo Gargano who masterminded many of the earlier releases. However, in keeping the focus on the music and not the name behind the music, early releases where identified only by number and Gargano’s name rarely appeared anywhere on the record until much later. Eve records where known as “Eve 26″ and “Eve “18″. A highlight of many Eve Tracks is the incorporation of recognizable material (more than just samples) integrated with completely original and underground trance composition. EVE 01 is a perfect example of this. The track ‘Pink Fluyd’ by Pablo Gargano features breakdown elements borrowed from Pink Floyd - an awesome fusion of timeless psychedelic rock with cutting edge electronic music that paved the way for a sound that would soon become next-gen classics. ‘The Secret Spice’ from EVE 03, also by Pablo Gargano, borrows a mind-propelling sample from another classic - Dune.

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