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Pablo Ruíz was born in Argentina. In 1986 he teamed up with Rubén Armado (Writer of 1+1= 2 Enamorados, Recuerdos Encadenados etc.) as song writer and producer of his first album. This was followed a year later with the album "Un Ángel". Songs like "Linda" and ¡Oh Mamá!, Ella Me Ha Besado" were big hits and have become favorite songs among other Latin artist like Imanol Landeta and Jairo Antonio. In Pablo's 3rd recording "Oceano" he would still sing in a high range. The album contains some unusual sounds effects and some good material. Pablo Ruiz became more famous in Mexico than in his hometown of Argentina. He released further Albums; Espejos Azules in 1991, and Irresistible in 1992 which was recorded in Spain but people managed to resist. Pablo Ruiz still Lives in Mexico were he runs a Gay Bar in Mexico City.

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