Pachanga top 20 songs


Pachanga biography

Pachanga is a synonym for a global music cooperative which represents the Latin-American world. Currently J Del Alma and Rico Caliente are representing Pachanga. The music style of Pachanga is a mix of Reggaeton-Sounds, and a slight European influence. The repertoire includes the complete spectrum of Latin-American music. Despite the fact that Reggaeton music is almost unknown around Europe, their achievements are reduced to a 2 out of 2 regarding to singles released on European soil and success on them. In Germany, they achieved to reach the singles-charts Top20 with their song "Loco" during Summer 2005. Now, their new smash hit ("Close to You") has landed on German soil and it directly has entered upon singles-charts Top20 (16th accurately). This fact just shows that they are now well-known artists in Germany and their expansion has just begun. This is the first and main step to hit hard in the rest of Europe and to consolidate their own kind of music on European likings.

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