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Like many other excellent guitar players, Paco Fernández was born in a small village in Andalucía. At the age of five, he received his first guitar lessons from his father and his brother, who introduced him in the traditions and various directions of Flamenco music. At the age of seven, Paco moved to Ibiza, where he gave his first concerts and celebrated his first triumphs. His remarkable skills as a guitar player and composer, together with his interest and his openness towards different cultures, allowed him to travel through many European countries and the United States, where he blended his strong classical and Flamenco roots with the musical traditions of these countries. The crossing of musical borders by combining different, sometimes seemingly incompatible musical styles, has always been an essential part of Paco´s work. This has never been a fashionable or trendy concept, but simply the result of his personal experiences and the manifestation of his personal idea of music: A borderless field of expression. Paco has also been one of the first musicians of his kind who integrated new technical means like computers and samplers, to realize his vision of mediterranean music. After recording his first solo album "Vivir En El Mediterraneo" with some of the best musicians of Spain, he went on an extended European tour and started to realize his new compositions with renowned international producers. In summer 1998 he released his album "Atman", which is an emotional voyage through various styles and states of mind, which he has been performing and living in the previous years. Since then, he has released numerous productions that filled his critics with enthusiasm and convinced his audiences everywhere he performed. His close co-operation with one of the leading record labels of Ibiza "Open Mind Music", made it possible for him, to work with some of the most famous Djs of the island, such as Dj Pippi (Pacha), and José Padilla (inventor of the Café Del Mar-Compilations). Paco has had several releases on the renowned Café Del Mar Compilations and has been co-writing and co-producing tracks on José Padilla´s new album "Navigator". They have been working together on numerous Remixes (for example Chris Rea "All Summer Long") and the soundtrack for the movie "Sueño De Ibiza". He wrote music for the Canadian Tv-channel "Wtn" and the English "B.B.C." and his music has been chosen many times for TV reports and soundtracks. At the moment he is working on his new album and various co-operations with different artists.

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