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Paco Pil is the alias of Francisco Valero, who is a Spanish deejay, producer and artist and was successful in the 90s. Paco Pil was well-known thanks to his hit titled «Viva La Fiesta» released in 1993. This tune is nowadays, a hymn in all Spanish clubs. In 1994 he released his first album titled "Energia Positiva" from which were taken several singles such as «Johnny Tekno-Ska», «Estoy Jodio» or «Dimensión divertida». Paco Pil also worked on TV, in shows like «Leña al mono que es de goma» or «Un planeta de movidas» (Antena 3). It is said that Paco Pil had an affair with Whigfield. He kept on working with the alias Doctor Pil and created his own Record company. Soon after, he moved to Tenerife where is owner of an important club now. In 2003 Paco Pil released a new remix for «Viva La Fiesta». In 2006 appeared an album compilation including all his hits. He moved to Miami where he is working in his new project called Audioklash. Audioklash consists of Jerome Fatley from New York , Del Pino Bros from Barcelona and Paco Pil. Their first international work is a remix for "Skin Diver" by Duran Duran.

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