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Paffendorf biography

Paffendorf is a dance duo based in Cologne, Germany. The duo consists of Ramon Zenker, formerly of Fragma, and Gottfried Engels. Paffendorf is best known for the 2002 hit "Be Cool", although they have had various successful hits across Europe. The pair's first hits were in 2001, the singles "Rhythm and Sex" and "Where Are You" achieving success in several countries across Europe. Their biggest hit, "Be Cool", would be released in Summer of the following year. It was their only hit in the United Kingdom, making #7 in the charts in June 2002. Following the hit the pair's popularity faded a little, although they have continued to release singles and recently achieved minor success with the single "On and On". Zenker and Engels also occasionally go by the name of the Bellini Brothers.

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