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There at least 2 artists under this name: 1. Swedish synth-pop band 2. Japanese singer - go to tag --> ペイジ 1) Page is a Swedish Synth Pop band. Page is often credited with being the first band to bring synthpop music to Sweden. Their music and band members (particularly Eddie Bengtsson) influenced many subsequent Swedish synthpop acts, including Elegant Machinery, S.P.O.C.K, Sista Mannen På Jorden and KieTheVez. Formed in 1980 by Eddie Bengtsson and Marina Schiptjenko (and soon joined by Anders Eliasson) the band quickly gained underground cult-status releasing many singles such as Dansande man, Som skjuten ur en kanon, Blå fötter and Som en vind. Though most of their important influencing work was released in the 1980's their first - self titled - album Page was released in 1991. Page continued releasing music throughout the 90's but is still most fondly remembered in the Swedish synthpop scene for their early singles, especially Dansande Man. Though the band has never officially disbanded, it has been remarkably quiet since a performance at SEMA (Swedish Electronic Music Awards) in 1999 when the band promised nothing new would ever be released under the name Page. A compilation covering their two decades of work was - however - released in 2000. Discography * Full-length albums o Page (1991) o Hallå (var tog månbasen vägen?) (1994) o Lost tapes (1994) o Glad (1995) o Hur så? (1996) o Helt nära (1998) o Nu (2010) * Compilations o Så pass! Page 1980-2000 (2000) * Live albums o Page live på SAMA 2000 (2000) * Singles o Dansande man / Aldrig mer (1984) o Som skjuten ur en kanon (1987) o Blå fötter (1987) o Som en vind (1989) o Bilmusik (1994) o Förlåt (1995) o Jag väntar (1995) o Står i din väg (1996) o Hur mår du? (1994) o Svänger (1994) o På ett berg (1994) o Ibland (1997) o Ingenting kvar (1994) o Som det var (1999) 2.) PAGE (ペイジ) is Japanese singer from the Ehime Prefecture. While he was still in primary school, he awakens to music seeing the video of a concert Ketsumeishi. He began recording songs in his lab and contributes to niconico. One of his friends introduced him to the rock festival Senkou RaiNet which only selects 10 finalists, he sends his demo. He made his major debut in 2012 with the label Ki / oon with the single You topia. The title track of his second single is Expect for the anime Gintama.

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