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Page 12 was founded in 1990 by Patrick Bulheller and Axel Kleintjes. In 1992 Peter Jutz joined the band. (Some say page 12 was a 'cult band' of the early german electro-dark-scene of the early 90s). Page 12 released 4 tapes, 4 album-cds, 2 video-clip-tapes and 3 mcds. The band played lots of concerts in europe during 1990 and 1998 (some of them together with e.g.: Project Pitchfork, yelworC, The Klinik or In The Nursery). In 1997 Peter Jutz left the band and Patrick and Axel released the 1999 album 'Soul Dungeon' (again) as a duo. Axel quitted Page 12 in early 2002 and so this band died, too.

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