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Paige Armstrong is a former Make-A-Wish child and cancer survivor, who, on Oct. 6, 2009, released her first full length CD "Wake Up", in hopes of inspiring listener’s to find their purpose. Armstrong was diagnosed with bone cancer at age 11 and endured an extensive stay in the hospital. She was linked to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and traveled to Nashville to make a Christian album as a part of her wish. Her early music also found its way onto the Bath & Body Works Holiday album in 2005 alongside such notables as Martina McBride. She appeared on programs such as "Today" and "Extra" sharing her story and the new Christmas music. Now cancer free, Armstrong has dedicated her life to reaching teens and young adults to find their own story and not waste their life. To hear Paige’s story in her own words, visit "Ever since my battle with cancer, God has shaken me to realize how truly precious life is," says Armstrong. "After being in the hospital and seeing so many people who were daily fighting for their lives, the greatest tragedy to me is seeing so many that have this precious life, simply blowing theirs! My new album is all about each one of us waking up to our incredible value and the unbelievable purpose that God has for us. Ultimately, it comes down to this: My purpose is to help others find theirs." Paige Armstrong was awarded her wish to record her own christmas album by the Make A Wish Foundation thanks to Bath & Body Works who released her 4 track christmas album 2005 as bonus disc coming with the "The Perfect Christmas - Holiday Music 2005"-CD available in the Bath & Body Works shops and online (of each sale 1 US-$ was donated to the Make A Wish Foundation).

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