Pairs top 20 songs


Pairs biography

There are two artists with the name Pairs: 1. A Shanghai noise-rock duo. "Pairs were some bitches and dickheads from Shanghai. They have taken their broadway smash music to various death traps, both North and South and survived to tell the tale to deaf ears. Pairs make music and don’t make it particularly well, almost like people who have lost their talent. Their name is often misspelled as Paris, and Pairs understand that this is an easy mistake to make." 2. The solo work of musician and sound designer Troy Turriate. Started in 2003 in Tampa FL, Pairs played several East Coast tours and the International Noise Conference. Early works included micro cassette, improvised synthesis, and found/field recordings. As his focus shifted towards performance and rehearsed "songs," Pairs later work was primarily solo drum-set, triggered into electronics manipulated real-time during performance. This project later became "Severe Seed" which included Jordan Keegan (of Andros Rex) on bass guitar. Pairs took a several year hiatus but has returned to live performance in 2010.

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