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There is two bands called Pakt. Pakt is the brainchild of two ex members of And One, which sound just like classic And One. Genre EBM Members Chris Ruiz Gio van Oli Cani Nickels (Studio & Live Drums) Hometown Berlin Record label Out of Line About Official Description PAKT: das sind Chris Ruiz und Gio van Oli, beides alte Hasen im Electro-Geschäft, die aufmerksamen Mitmenschen nicht ganz unbekannt sein dürften. PAKT: das ist verdammt mitreißende Musik im Grenzbereich zwischen EBM, NDW und Electro-Pop. PAKT: das ist Herz, Schnauze, Beats und Bambule. Pünktlich zu ihrem Debüt-Konzert auf dem M’Era Luna Festival im August 2011 veröffentlichen PAKT ihre erste Singl...See more Biography two simple guys just wanna play with you..... Website ..... Daniel Pataki is a hungarian dj and producer. He was born in 1984 in a town called Mezokovesd. Pakt is living and working now in Budapest. His career started in 1998 and he had an own radio show and a party series (BreakSteak, ElektroLake). Since that time he has worked over different styles in electronic music, from techno, breakbeat, house... Through these things he get involved in the hungarian music culture. some labels sign his tracks in the future... Releases Pakt - Uproar EP [Feinwerk] Pakt - Fiend [Minisketch] Pakt - Hangok EP [Clever Music]

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