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Palac biography

There are different Artists with the name Palac: - The Name is used for the project of the german musician Peter Prautzsch, whose music is considered electronica. - Палац (Palac) was created in 1992 by professional musicians, who had work experience in different musical styles. Basis for the association became Belorussian authentic folklore usable by musicians both in the original sounding and in different stylistic workings. In the composition of group besides the known musical tools (saxophone, guitar, pipe, accordion, synthesizers, semplery) play traditional authentic Belorussian tools (lira, duda, cymbals, zhaleyka, pipe, surmy). Палац participated in many festivals of West Europe and in the countries of the CIS. In 1993 Палац it entered into tens of best associations of East Europe on the sums of the festival of "FransInternasional" Radio. Was rewarded by prizes and rewards at the festivals "Slav market" (Belarus), "molodechno of 9shch-200y"(Belarus'), "Asia Dowses" (Kazakhstan), "Basovishcha 95-2000" (Poland), "Suklegos" (Lithuania) Fate- coronation 95-2000. Cossack circle 2001(Russia) Kraina of mrii 2004 (Ukraine) into 2005 participated in praznovanii the 750- anniversary g. of keniksberga, etc. In its creation the group uses the material, assembled in the folklore expeditions. Also in the repertoire those created on the motives of Belorussian folklore songs and rites are works. There are author's works. The appearance of Палац will be interestingly all fact, who will arrive to listen to beautiful music, that, who would want to be dismantled at the ideas, which bear the musicians, and by the fact, who it arrived simply to have a dance.

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