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Pale (1) UK electronic artist Pale. (2) UK Producer/DJ of electronic music. Correct spelling 'Pále'. (3) German Pop/Soul/Indie band. (4) English post alt/rock band 2004-present, also known as "Pale UK". (5) New York based experimental electronic musician now known as Twenty Knives (6) Swedish metalband, 2001 changed name to 'Lednote' (7) Moon Trent's US-based electronic/dance/electroclash band of the 1990s (8) Swiss Gothic Folk Metal Band 2001-present (9) American band from in Texas 2002-present (10) Finnish butain addict rapper2010-present (11) Italian new-wave group of the Eighties. (12) Swedish one-man noise / power electronics project 2008 (1) UK electronic artist Pale has thus far only released “Too Much." (2) London-based electronic producer, 2011-present. Correctly spelt as Pále (3) The German band Pale formed in 1993 in Aachen, Germany. Founding members were brothers Holger Kochs (vocals & guitar) and Stephan Kochs (drums) with Christian Dang (guitar & vocals). Other members included Philipp Breuer (bass), Jürgen Hilgers and Jonas Gervink (piano, synthesizers, vocals). Their most recent line-up change came in 2007, when Jürgen and Jonas left and were replaced by "Lisse" and Jost Schiefer. So far they have released six studio albums in Germany, at least some of them have also been released in the USA, Japan and in the UK. For more info, visit their official site: or The band split up in 2009. (4)Pale formed in late 2004 with the intent of creating their own brand of alternate rock. Influenced by some of the greatest (MUSE/Soundgarden amongst many others) mixed with an original approach, they gig around the Midlands and Staffordshire in the UK. 2004-2005 40+ gigs including Stafford Castle's "Live @The Castle" festival. Released several demo's and an EP 'An Endless Game'. 2006 drummer departed. 2007 new drummer and back to gigging, writing and recording. ( (5)Twenty Knives began as Pale in 2002 and changed names to Twenty Knives after legal action taken by a Texas based bar band of the same name. Popular in underground electronic music circles for the use of bizarre processed vocals and bacon strips. (6)Pale was also the name of a swedish metalband active on the second half of the 90's. They played at some festivals around in Scandinavia. In 2001 they change their name to Lednote. ( (7)Pale was also the name of an electronic band from Modesto and San Francisco, CA that was popular in the US and UK in the 90s, a project of perennial Modesto music wunderkind Moon Trent. (8)Pale is also the name of a Gothic Folk Metal band from Switzerland that formed in 2001. Their first full-length album is scheduled for 2009 ( (9)Pale is also the name of the American Rock Quartet from Houston, Texas formed in 2002. The band consists of Calvin Stanley (vocals), Robb Moore (guitar), Steven Wesson (bass), and Travis Middour (drums). They are described as intensely melodic, compared to bands such as Queen, Radiohead and Muse. They have two albums out: Here and Mandatory Ambulance. Their third CD is due out mid-2009 ( Can be located as Pale (U.S.) on (12) Hard and expressive soundscapes from Palle, member in combos like Sanctum, Counterblast, Mago. With invited friends he create a brutal mix of modern noise and old-school industry. Tough, rough and in your face. The only release was "Destoroyah" (2008), a CD-r limited to 200 copies.

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