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There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Pan is an uplifting instrumental band from Columbia, SC. They formed in early 2010 and have released two eps called "Post Rock is Not Dead" and "Meta Major!" and also a full length called "These Are The Things I Love And I Want To Share Them With You". They are signed to 2) PAN is a Japanese power rock group formed in 1995 in Osaka, Japan. To date they have released 3 mini albums, 4 singles, and 3 full length albums and are still performing as of 2011. 3) Pan was a Danish progressive rock group formed by French musician Robert Lelievre which released a self-titled album in 1970. see also Cy, Maia & Robert 4) Pan was a Venezuelan Latin rock band from the 70s. 5) Pan is an Icelandic rock group. The year 2000 saw the first incarnation Pan as four young boys, age 16-19, decided to pick up instruments they had hardly touched before and form a rock group. In the Summer of 2001, Pan emerged in its present form with their fifth Beatle joining them on lead guitar and in his wake came new possibilities. Pan entered the national "Battle of the Bands", where they were finalists, and joined the rock n' roll scene for real. With the meager accommodation of many Icelandic clubs, the lack of sound systems being a common dilemma, Pan saw the need for a powerful stage performance to accompany their tunes should outside factors reduce the grandeur of their music. As a result they´ve had a few incidents on stage including the lead guitarist cutting his eyebrow open on a pool table, and the keyboardist passing out from lack of oxygen after vigorous head banging, as well as a few broken instruments. In keeping with the spirit of the “do-it-yourself” attitude Pan had adopted, they decided to construct a studio of their own and, through a year long trial and error process, built up the capability to produce their own contribution to rock history. Their independent debut, Virgins, is a cross-section of their lifetime as a band. Alongside recording, Pan handled art and cover design and financed all stages of production. 6) Pan was a Turkish band who participated for Eurovision in 1989 ("Bana Bana"). 7) Pan was a Philippine band fronted by Dong Abay of the band Yano. In 2002, Abay returned to the music scene and formed Pan together with Onie Badiang, former bassist of Yano. The outcome was an album titled "Parnaso ng Payaso" ("Parnassus of a Clown"). Some notable songs from the album include "Dumpsite", "Hula" ("Prediction", which won as Best Folk/Pop Recording at the AWIT Awards in 2003), "Mabuhay!" ("Long Live") and "Rebolusyon" ("Revolution"). Pan played for the local rock circuit with bassist, Milo Duane Cruz and drummer Melvin Leyson. In 2003, Abay decided to go back to school to finish his bachelor's degree. Thus, the demise of Pan. Aside from his music, Abay got busy exploring other medium and art forms like installation work, visual arts, photography to name a few. He also became busy lecturing and giving workshops around the country. 8) Pan was Venezuelan band which released only one album in 1999 titled "En vivo desde el Teatro Nacional" (Live at National Theatre). 9) Pan is a progressive/psytrance producer from the 90s. 10) pAn is a danish industrial project from Aarhus, was signed on the now closed label Mindwerk. 11) Pan , sometimes referred to as "The Death of Pan", is different than other pan's. This Pan is for all and no one. This Pan is dead. This Pan is alive in a jungle. All future releases by Haute Magie through the approval of Rae.

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