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Hailing from the cold mining region of Northern Ontario, Canada. Sheldon Thompson (aka pan/tone, sid lerock, gringo grinder) relocated to Berlin, Germany where it has been his new wilderness to explore. His new album (Skip the Foreplay) which is set to be released in September, 2008 on his own imprint, Cereal/Killers will be his 5th album thus far. Celebrating a change in style much different from his earlier works, (Skip the Foreplay) goes everywhere from the dance floor to your car stereo. A smooth uplifting sound that will continue on with a unique branding that has always been pan/tone's direction. "Never do what the others are doing" is his motto. This new album confirms this statement and promises to have something there for the heart and ears of everyone. SKIP the FOREPLAY out on Cereal/Killers recordings via KOMPAKT distribution. release date: September 12th, 2008 OUT NOW: CHUBBY CHASER E.P. -A1) Dirty Deeds (Revised Mix), B1) Perdon Pan/Tone, B2) Touchy-Feely SKIP the FOREPLAY tour commencing in september. contact kompakt bookings for more details. visit: homepage- myspace- http://www.myspace/rockno Under the new alias "pan/tone", Shelbono "Barracuda" del Monte embarked on a life of music but most importantly, a newfound passion. pan/tone since then has comprised many unique features to his sound brought upon many inspiring factors contributing to his musical direction. With the forge of his thoughts and ideas,Shelbono del Monte's (pan/tone) compositional style is that of a more minimalist rock (ROCKNO) approach rather than an auditorial appeal. In others words, pan/tone sets out to rock dancefloors, motivated to leave no one chin stroking. This is simply music for the double fisted drinkers and the all night partiers but he still focus's on creating compositions that have a sense of independence; a sound that will hopefully branch away from the norm…word is bond! Pan/Tone is also known as: Gringo Grinder, Rod the Bod Wrangler, Shelbono "Barracuda" del Monte, Sheldon Thompson, Sid Le Rock.

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