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Half Portuguese, born in the rural Highlands of Scotland and having spent her formative years deep in the forests of Fife, PANDA SU found her own voice with the release of the critically acclaimed Sticks and Bricks EP in 2009. Having been awarded Best Scottish Newcomer (Jockrock Poll) 2010, Panda Su quickly found the appeal spreading beyond her adopted homeland. Her track Eric is Dead was the only track by a Scottish artist on the French release Fete de la Musique and was featured on the season 4 finale of cult TV show Skins. Her follow up EP I Begin was released to even greater critical acclaim with the title track being awarded Single of the Month in The List (May 2011), whilst the EP was described in Audioscribbler as, “Arguably the most engaging record of the year”. In the USA, the EP also met with great commendation, with Best New Bands view that, “The EP becomes better and better with each listen… immediately evoking Sufjan Steven’s older albums”. This acclaim led to Panda Su being approached by STV in July 2011, to film a documentary about her music, which was aired on the channel in the autumn. In 2012, Panda Su filmed a video for Alphabet Song, from the I Begin EP, to coincide with the song being used in the #1 Box Office film House At The End Of The Street, starring Oscar nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence. Panda Su decided to take herself off the road in late 2012 to concentrate on writing new material, the bulk of which will make up her debut album.

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