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Panorama is the name of more than one artist. 1) A dream pop outfit from Colombia 2) No wave from Croatia 3) Theatrical progressive rock from Sweden 1) Gregorio Gomez – Guitar and vocals Jose Santamaría - Bass and tapes Juan Diego Gálvis - Guitar Nicolás Guevara – Drums Panorama is a band from Medellín-Colombia that debuted with a self titled work published on october 2001, which moves between soundtrack and ambient music. The group now explores a dreampop shoegaze sound that leaves aside the sequencers to consolidate a denser and crude aesthetics using drums, guitar, keyboards and vocals. In January 2011 releases the “Tapete rojo” EP followed by an LP in April, under the name "Laguna" Releases: Panorama / GrabacionesTrinidad (2001) Esto si es cumbia / Colombeat - Entrecasa (2002) Panorama (reeditado) / Sonic360 (2005) Tapete rojo /SERIES media (2011) Laguna / SERIES media (2011) 2) Panorama (Croatia) is a duo formed in Zagreb in early 2014 under the influence of no wave and krautrock. Members: Srđan Galić (ex-Fonograf, ex-Zemlja Broj 9) - Synth Damir Šimunović (ex- Kukuriku Street, Joe 4) - Drums Soundcloud / Facebook

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