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Panthers biography

Panthers Conceived in Brooklyn, NY in September 2000, PANTHERS began as a side project for five friends. In addition to playing in TURING MACHINE, Justin Chearno had been involved with PITCHBLENDE and UNREST. Jayson Green, Geoff Garlock, and Jeff Salane were all members of ORCHID, and finally, Kip Uhlhorn was a member of THE RED SCARE. At first thought to be a finite distraction, the band has evolved into the main musical outlet for all involved. Drawing influences from MC5 and THE STOOGES, PANTHERS have established themselves as an New York City favorite, combining explosive songwriting and an equally explosive live show, referencing avant-garde art movements such as Dada and Fluxus, as well as incendiary youth groups like the Situationists and Weather Underground. Politically inflammatory and musically dynamic , 'Are You Down?' is a record that demands reaction. Recorded at Rare Book Room by Nicholas Vernhes, these ten trackspanthers hustle by so quickly that you need more. This is the sound of PANTHERS, this is the fucking noise! Panthers are: Kip Uhlhorn Jayson Greene Geoff Garlock Jeff Salane Justin Chearno

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