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Papajam biography

The PAPAJAM is a Slovak music formation focused on the current dance music. The band is made of two members. The gentle side is represented by Jana Chochrunova and the other half completes a keyboard player Marek Vozar. For the first time PAPAJAM got the wider attention in 2008 with the remake “Keď ťa nechá dievča”, which was a successful disco song in Slovakia in the 80’. They even presented this song abroad. An Italian chart web site EURODANCEWEB - chart for European and Mediterranean dance projects, seeded them as Slovak representatives where they finished in 9th place with contestants from 40 countries. In year 2009, the PAPAJAM got to the semifinal of Slovak national round of Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Nemusiš sa báť”. The year 2010 was successful for the band. In 2010 they released their debut album „No.1“ and then their songs were released on compilations in the Slovak republic ( Go DeeJay Dance Selection 2010 ) , in the Czech republic ( Taneční liga 122), in Austria ( Eurodaceweb Award ) and in Poland ( Eurodance Attack Vol.1 ). The current newest song is “DO WHAT I WANNA DO”. In July 2011, was released Maxi CD WELCOME SUMMER by czech label company GLOBAL MUSIC. This song was created for the festival EUROPA 2 WELCOME SUMMER as an anthem. The band started this year 2012 very well because the spanish label company ROSTER MUSIC which are releasing artists like Michel Teló, André Olà, Amna, Jose de Rico & Henry Mendez, Afrojack, Serebro, Gusttavo Lima, Dani Moreno , have had an interest for the newest singel „ DO WHAT I WANNA DO“. At this time, the band has a cooperation with the polish company KOTO GROUP, the slovak agency MIJA production, the czech agency Gardes and the spanish label company ROSTER MUSIC. At this moment, the band is working on new songs and on the second album. Compilations “Miami Ibiza Hits 2012 (Roster Music) “Go DeeJay Dance Selection 2012“ (Slovak compilation) “Go Deejay Dance Selection 2008” (Slovak compilation) “Go Deejay Dance Selection 2010” (Slovak compilation) “Taneční liga 122” (Czech compilation) “EuroDance Attack vol.1” (Polish compilation) “Eurodanceweb awards” (Austrian compilation) Album & Singels “Do What I Wanna Do” (Maxi CD ) Roster Music “ LOVE” single “Welcome Summer” Maxi CD “Keď ťa nechá dievča 08” (maxisingel) “Nemusíš sa báť” – (single) “TY” – (single) “No. 1” – (debut album) Videos: DO WHAT I WANNA DO LOVE WITH YOU Keď ťa nechá dievča Nemusíš sa báť Eurosong 2009 Ja a Ty PAPAJAM live TELERÁNO TV MARKÍZA <> <> <> <>

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