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Paparazzi biography

There are more than 1 band sharing this name: 1 - 90's band from the Netherlands, released one single entitled "Be-bop Bubble Gum" 2- The Paparazzi is the musical pseudonym of songwriter and rock auteur Erik Paparazzi, who has spent the better part of the past decade as a sideman with Cat Power's Dirty Delta Blues. His new record Rococo, recorded back in 2004, has finally seen in March 2010 thanks to Serious Business. Expect a lush and dreamy ride that harnesses the best moves of several purveyors of lost classics and lost weekends: Brian Wilson, Harry Nilsson, and Todd Rundgren. Back in 2004 when The Paparazzi was performing regularly as a 7 piece band, they recorded the tracks for what was to become Rococo. But something was missing in the final results, and Erik shelved the record until 2007. On the road with Cat Power, he began remixing it on his laptop and wound up deconstructing many of the original performances and arrangements, sometimes drastically reinventing the songs. In so doing he gave new life to the project, and brought us a sonically stunning and wholly immersive record. 3- Synth-based project from 80s Michael Dorian:: Singer::Writer::Some Keyboards::Some Piano Glyn Ricard:: Drums::Percussion David Manray:: Bass Guitar::Backup Vocals Nicholas Eugovni:: Keyboards 4-Modern Rock polish band. 5-Hi-NRG act, released a single named "Now is the time" in the late 80s 6. Georgian pop Group

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